I am so glad to be making the Worship Bulletin of my new church. It is a 3-fold legal sized document. And if you look closer, you will see my name listed at “Pastoral Staff.” What a great privilege to be in the Lord’s vineyard. Praise God!




Today I was again reminded that I am blessed. The great Guy up there is actually watching over me. Yesterday, after depositing almost all my cash to my ATM account, I got me into some problem; the same card was eventually blocked 15 minutes later after I failed to punch in my password correctly. I was dumbfounded realizing I cannot withdraw any amount any time soon. But the Lord is not napping on me; not yesterday; nor at any time.

It was the first time for me to visit the bank after moving here in Palawan. After asking around, I found the bank and in a matter of minutes I was done; glad to have found out there was no need for me to queue in line because they have an automated machine for deposits which afforded me a quick transaction. Back on the road on my motorcycle, I decided to check my balance on an ATM machine at Robinson’s. My, my, the machine informed me I typed in two successive incorrect passwords I decided to cancel the transaction and transferred to another machine. I didn’t recall changing my password so without much thought, I proceeded to punch it in again on the second machine and to my dismay, I was blocked and was advised on-screen to visit my bank to fix the problem. I thought maybe I can still use it–hopefully–on my online account (and to my great relief when I went online later, I was right) to manage my credit card bills. I decided to let it be for the moment. Besides, it was quite a distance to return to the bank; and the sun was playing god. So I had two hundred bills, some smaller ones and some change left in my wallet and coin purse but I would need more so I could get me supplies enough for three days plus fare for my travel to Quezon where I work weekends.


Back home and after a few hours I remembered a dear friend handed me a goodbye gift box last May as I was about to migrate here. Inside it were about 6 or 7 promptly labeled envelopes, and one paper-wrapped gift.


This box was really a box of blessings. One envelope was labeled “Open when…you feel sad;” another has “Open when… you miss Salmo Chorale,” my former choir. Each envelope has things inside. Some has small pictures and quotations cards and Bible verses. One envelope that says: “Open when… you’re sick” has several kinds of first aid medicines; and as usual, some stuff for my encouragement.

But the card that is very crucial in my present predicament is the one labeled “Open when… it’s an emergency!”  🙂 I confess opening it as I unpacked my baggage when I arrived here 4 months ago. It has the usual quotations cards inside and a hundred peso bill. So glad I did not take the money that time. And the appointed day comes! As I lay on my bed earlier today pondering my fate, I remembered this box of blessings, thank God for thoughtful friends, especially this one–a great find.

Yup, there still are other very special envelopes in this box. I remember that the envelope I opened at once was the one with the inscription: “Open when…you miss Atan!” (short for Nathan Boi, ‘datsmaboi’) because I sorely miss him since I waved goodbye at him as my cab drove away, seeing him unsmiling and not waving back at me. What a sad ride it was. Finding in there several pictures of him, I took 4 of them and pasted them on my planner. I also found a prepaid call card which I used immediately. Boy, how I miss him to this day I weep quietly in my bed some nights.


Ok, this is supposed to be a cheerful post. Not that I have moved on with my separation with “datsmaboi” but, there is one loosely-wrapped gift in the box with the label: “Open when…it’s your birthday!” It clinks! To be unwrapped this Christmas eve. I am truly blessed! You guessed it right; seen it 🙂


Thank God for very good friends. He uses them to remind us how blessed and cared for we are. Praise God! 🙂

Ideal Worship Song Leading Preps


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So how have you been leading the worship singing? How do you prepare for it? Isn’t it a daunting and awesome task? Well, for me, it is; but very rewarding and fulfilling on the other hand.

Imagine leading a large group of people as you all approach God’s throne to worship Him and sing for Him. What an exciting responsibility. And I hope God looks down and listens to us in favor each time we sing together in unison (or by parts).

From one song leader to another, let me share my most ideal preparation, if I may. If you want to share some of yours, that would be cool.

  • Thoughtful & Prayerful Selection of Songs
  • Spiritual, Emotional, & Intellectual Preparations
  • Be considerate of Your Team Mates in Worship
  • Coming In Early & Ready on Sunday Morning



As standard procedure in our church, worship songs line up should consist of hymns and new songs as echoed in Ephesians 5:19:

“speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord;”

and in Psalm 96:1,2a.

Sing to the Lord a new song; Sing to the Lord, all the earth. 2-Sing to the Lord, bless His name;

Keep in mind that there are tested ingredients in preparing for a good round of singing. Generally, choose easy and familiar songs. High-pitched and difficult pieces should be reserved for special numbers and the choir. If a song is easy but unfamiliar, care must be taken to teach the song to the congregation via a pre-worship dry run or via a Praise Team.

As the saying goes, “there is always a first time,” a song leader may present and in a way, teach the song to the audience one way or another. Sure, there will be a sloppy first time, but for the sake of learning a special new song, we can make do with that. The next time that song comes up, some blocks may have been surmounted.

You may also choose songs about the monthly theme. But bear in mind, that the most wonderful and beautiful songs for worship are praise songs and worship songs. After all, God is our audience. Thematic songs often tend to be horizontal (geared towards people) rather than vertical (songs directed to God). For instance, He Who Began a Good Work in You sounds like an encouragement to believers. While Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee, or I Love You, Lord are praise offerings for the Lord. It’s like talking directly to Him. But please don’t get me wrong, I also use them. But as much as possible, I want to sing praises to the Lord, especially as worship begins. As I have indicated, these points are my ‘ideals.’ I wouldn’t impose them on other song leaders in my own group.


There is no bigger roadblock in worship song leading than the problem in the spiritual arena. If we have been losing our spiritual battles, we are better off the worship leading ministry; at least for the mean time. We must first settle the score with our God. Repent for our sins and shortcomings; or else make the enemy smirk and insult our God as we walk to the podium with heavy weights on our shoulders and with lack of confidence knowing we are unworthy not just because of our humanity but because we know we’ve been harboring hidden sins in our hearts.

Worship leading should be aimed at the rightful audience. And I don’t mean the large crowd facing the stage. If we can use our imagination, we must think that all people in the sanctuary is about to make a historic face-to-face conference with our audience, the most powerful Person in the whole universe. We must never get lost in the act of leading this group of people and forget in the process that we are all addressing Him, the Almighty. Never ever slip into pleasing people. Please the Lord; not the people. We are not entertainers; we are all worshipers.

Given a chance to have an appointment with the President of the land, one surely would keep putting his best foot forward and maintain that “pleasing personality” so as not to annoy “The Man,” so to speak. Or if we are to go to a job interview, we would surely take steps to make an impression to our interviewer. Maybe we would momentarily set aside our problems, our discomfort in commuting, our aching body part, or whatever weight have you, and maintain that sunny disposition. How much more with our Creator? Keep a radiant personality and lead the people in vigorous, sincere, and meaningful tribute to our God.

If we are leading the singing, be sure that we have some mastery of our pieces. It will be absurd if the people in the audience know better than we, the leader. Know your songs. Memorize openings and concluding lines so as to properly bring everyone “into the song” and be able also to control the singing so as to be united. One cannot properly lead people in singing if one cannot take his eyes off his music pieces. Memorizing some parts would give you liberty to establish some sort of rapport with the congregation.



MUSICIANS. There are things to coordinate with the Musicians, our team mates in worship. There are times when the musicians get lost in the intents of the song leader. They would assume that if you hand them a music piece, it will be played as is. If a need to modify the music flow and pacing arises, they should be discussed with the musicians in detail beforehand.  For example, as song leader, I may tell the instrumentalists, “I will repeat this twice, instead of once” or “let’s omit this portion so as to save time…” etc.

MUSICIANS, no matter how good and talented they are, would appreciate you furnishing them your music pieces early on so as to provide them a chance to rehearse. Some may not mind you handing them your copies on the spot, but you are robbing them of the opportunity of beautiful and excellent playing.  A week ahead is ideal; a day ahead is almost late; and on-the-spot is  nerve-wracking. It is unthinkable, but it happens, that some song leaders would still be searching from the computer archives as to what songs to sing, minutes before the worship commences. 😦

It is most desired that a rehearsal session be scheduled prior to Sunday. So you can foresee what problems may arise on stage. And you can refine your hand waves too. Nothing distracts more than a song leader who gets confused with his own beating *big laugh here.

Another group of team mates are the MULTIMEDIA people. For beautiful visuals (AVP), give them several days to design your presentations. Same as with the musicians, it saps their energy to cram with you every time you take your turn in song leading. Making them cram one time is forgivable, but once is enough. 🙂



It is imperative that you are on the spot minutes before worship starts. It is your duty to have provided your materials to your team mates (musicians, multimedia) very much ahead of time. If you have to spend some cash to make photocopies, so be it. In our church however, we can reimburse our expenses, if any, so there should be no problem with that.

Check if they are ready as well to avoid gaps due to lack of communication with these people. Update them of any last minute changes. If you can pray with them, much better. There are prayer warriors in the church who may also take charge in praying for the music team, among others. But of course, it is assumed that one has taken lots of time praying for the task at hand–like maybe a week of meditation and prayers.

Being ready also meant you are dressed for the part. You carry with you an air of modest confidence and commanding presence. Otherwise people may be distracted seeing you uncomfortable or feeling inferior in your attire. Go for classic and conventional clothing.

There, song leading needs not be a stressful experience to you, your team mates, and the congregation. We just have to be proactive by preparing very early, at least a week before. It is a great privilege to lead people to worship the Lord. May you find the pleasure in leading the worship singing. Always remember, our audience is the Lord.

Sing to the LORD a new song, Sing His praise from the end of the earth! You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it. You islands, and those who dwell on them. ~Isaiah 42:10


The Most Wonderful Season is Here


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Loving the snowflakes falling on this page once again. Merry Christmas!

MOMS & DADS Retreat

My Room At Age Ten


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When I was 10 years old, I slept in a fairly large room meant to be two but we moved in before the walling divisions were installed hence, the barracks style bedroom. The room was supposed to be symmetrical sleeping quarters; with a meter of a gap separating the two; one for my parents and another for all four of us kids.

The room was bare except for my parents’ double sized bamboo bed, a Narra dress cabinet, a baby cabinet for our youngest, and several chairs. The times were tough and many people have settled for simple living. It’s the Martial Law years, btw.

One alights a low flight of stair, about four steps from the living room to get there. There stood a pair of free standing panel door jambs as one enters the room, one on either side of the person. Each one is supposed to lead to the individual rooms. But since there were no interior walls installed, the two door jambs stood like two monkey bars; without the bars, that is. But I count my blessings; each had a flush door and from the living room, it looks like the doors actually lead somewhere.

The room, with its wooden jalousie windows was unpainted, but looks very warm and cozy because my mother has many sets of tasteful curtains from our previous home. A modiste herself, she has a fine taste for fabrics and our home curtains were simple and stylish, while the lumber and decorative wood works were handled by my father who at that time had a sash factory.

In spite of a bed, my parents usually slept with us kids. We all sleep on a large buri mattress which resembles a flying carpet for the uninitiated, and covered entirely by one rather large mosquito net. The wooden (tongue and groove) flooring was unpolished but was perfectly and smoothly laid out. We kids would occasionally play, err, pull each other while riding on dried banana leaves to keep the slippery smooth finish of the wooden floor.

There was a switch panel on one corner and a couple of outlets for ironing. I remember  once, my father rushed in the room, his face all flushed in the haste to yank the cord of our smoldering electric iron I forgot to pull off. All the while I was reading in the room, unmindful of the imminent danger four steps away. What was I thinking?

What else? On the rear side of the room was a sliding window that serves as passageway to the “media agua” (lower roof), and eventually to the top roof. The room has much to be desired but we were so happy to have moved in our new house, a cool split-type bungalow in the province.

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Déjà Vu!


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Don’t Look Back (movie)

Just the other day, as I was finalizing chores for my bedridden mother, stretching her bed sheets, it happened. Déjà vu! I was a hundred per cent sure my elder sister will be opening the door, at the same time admonishing Pepe (my Labrador), stationed by the door, to behave as she passes by him. And she will be carrying a bag of groceries for my mother. In a moment, I even believed that certain happenings repeat itself. But after about five minutes, and not seeing any gleeful reaction from Pepe, who usually stands on his hind feet when my siblings come to visit, I realize, Déjà vu played its trick on me again. There are many instances through my entire life that déjà vu gets me. It’s fascinating, thought-provoking, and sometimes, disappointing.

How does this phenomenon happen? Well, I’m sure one can easily google this one. But I already have a hunch that’s it’s all in the mind, or more precisely, the brain. It’s just so convincing, sometimes I even bet–without shelling out any money, of course–that certain things would happen; or should I say, recur.

I thought it’s somewhat similar to dreaming, where upon waking up, one slowly realizes it’s but what it is, a dream.





My iPod Nano 7th Generation (Completely Renanoed)


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I received a wonderful birthday gift from (and many thanks to) my long-time friends Ramil & Che. They gave me something I really need in my line of work. The sleek black iPod Nano made my eyes go wide upon ripping the plain-looking gift box handed to me by CeeCee, their youngest. I learned later that it is the 7th generation iPod Nano. Cool! Whatever it means is beyond the low-tech me. Upon the advise of my more techy friends, I set up my iTunes account and synched my gadget. Voila, a blissful listening journey on a 16-gig of space.

This pretty thing got its baptism of fire of sorts last month as my Salmo Chorale presented a concert coinciding with our church’s jade (35th) anniversary. Dubbed “Ride the Chariot,” we sang more than a dozen A Cappella songs from different albums. The Nano however, was used only once, as we only got one song with mp3 accompaniment, given that the event is actually an A Cappella concert, hello. 🙂 Just to break the series of unaccompanied line up, I inserted Jerusalem; which is backed up by a wonderful mp3  minus one. I was very impressed by the powerful and awesome sound of so thin and tiny a gadget. I have used it with my choir’s worship special numbers and some other singing engagements outside the church. I also discovered that it has built-in bluetooth so it can be used wireless with amplies with bluetooth. Wonderful, I should say. It looks handsome too. Mine is black but I think silver is as cool.

Recently though, I encountered some problems, not with the Nano itself, but with iTunes. I have converted several of my laptop videos and uploaded them in my Nano. After a few days, iTunes suddenly ran into unknown trouble and “stopped working.” When it did, I realized after my last 3 synching that some movies uploaded earlier were missing.  Too bad, I put some mini-series in my Nano. What is left on my Movie Playlist are 5 items, Parts 5-9 of a 9-part series. All my previous uploads are gone.

But I’m pretty sure though that the problem is with iTunes rather than with the Nano. In fact I’ve enjoyed at least 3 full-length movies in my tiny gadget very recently. I tried viewing the movies via my iTunes (on my laptop) and the poor App hangs each time. It really is the iTunes, not the Nano. that is the problem. However, I was relieved to see that my music collections are left untouched and intact.

The earpieces and the USB laptop charger look and feel durable too. Unlike other earphones I’ve used, it looks more sleek and stronger; looks like it is capable of enduring more than its share of spills and pulls.

The iPod Nano 7th generation also has apps for health (running, walking), photos, and podcasts, although I enjoy looking at pics on my PC rather than on this gadget for obvious reasons. Besides I have poor eyesight;  maybe that’s why.

It’s not too sleek for images but it is surprisingly entertaining to watch movies with. Of course, I highly appreciate the high quality mp3 playback. All in all, I give the Nano 3.5 stars with 5 stars being the highest.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


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This morning, I realized that snowflakes are (once again) falling on my WordPress blog-this blog, and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Many thanks, WordPress! Christmas brings its enigmatic magic once again. We are so blessed God gave us this Season; and for good reason.

And I’m looking forward to a most wonderful Pasko family reunion. Welcome, Christmas! And thank you very much Lord, for all the blessings.

Cinemagraph Credit: highlowlights, Tumblr