Hi there! My name is Mario. I am a choir director by profession and is currently maintaining two choirs in my home church namely, EBC SALMO Chorale (Adults) and EBC Heirs (all-Youth choir). Besides music, I also have a passion for writing. I have had an opportunity to be the Ed-in-Chief of our church newsletter, Ripples* twice in the past. And I keep some journals on various topics mostly intended for my private reading and recollection. After every major choir event, I write down all things covering the event, from the preps to the presentations, including all the pitfalls, the glitzes, and of course the challenges and blessings from these projects. And I had to tell you, I had quite a colorful stint as a choir conductor for more than twenty years already.

I also love the arts. I know how to wield my pens, pencils and brushes and create some artworks. For many years I painted murals in churches and schools. I design classrooms mostly for kids and grade schoolers. I did many very large murals in a local Baptist seminary here in our town. Sadly, all my previous works got painted over by my most recent paintings. Since our church moved to a new address, I haven’t gone back to do another. But anyways, I have collected many snapshots of those murals, so I am not so sad after all. I can still see them albeit in 3R’s.

And for a long time, I maintained the publishing of our church’s weekly Worship Bulletin. Photoshop helped me a lot in upgrading my layout. I loved doing the bulletins because one somehow influences the thoughts of those who scan through its folds. From time to time I insert short add ins of my own. And I modify the theme every month for a fresh look every first Sunday.

Well, I guess I have to momentarily gather my thoughts and be back as soon as later ๐Ÿ™‚