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There is this “computer problem” in the church that just wouldn’t go away. Sunday after Sunday, we are plagued with the annoying computer glitches; one after the other. The church is yet to go online; and this is why it easily falls prey to viruses from portable USB’s and disks that get plugged in it by various users.

The Creative ZEN Mosaic

The Creative ZEN Mosaic



Every choir session is hampered by these annoying problem. So I thought I could use a player that would play my midi and mp3s for my choirs and be relieved from the problem that has been bothering me. I requested our choir officers to look for an iPOD or similar player that I could use and thus avoid the unnecessary delays that waste my time and energy. These importunate situations have put my cool to the test and I cannot say that I have always passed the ordeal with flying colors.

The choir officers, having witnessed these frustrating experiences, readily agreed with me and decided quickly on the lookout for one. I left them with the choice and purchase. Che and Erma have consulted me with every detail of products they have been canvassing.  But since I only needed a very simple player, I constantly tell them to decide. And so they did. Che finally bought the Creative ZEN Mosaic.

I only needed to convert my midis to mp3. And voila! Rehearsal in an instant. No more headaches. I just plug it on the church sound system or our portable computer speakers and we’re “ready to go.” Sound quality is outstanding.

I came to admire this player. It comes with a CD ROM that installs the Creative Centrale on my computer. Transferring and organizing files are a breeze, as simple as drag and drop. Also comes with the charger and ear piece.

Whenever rehearsal starts, I just turn it on, go to My Playlist, find the specific folder and song title; and play.

For quite some time, my choir have always been held captive by these “moody” PC’s.

Thank God for these gadgets. They make life so much easier. And cooler. Of course, it is capable of storing 2 gigs of data, I also uploaded my favorite songs in it. Of course, there are many other models with larger storage. For me, this is more than enough. Btw, it also stores images and videos.                 🙂