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Hm, there come times when quite a number of singers do not feel the passion that have once seized them as they joined the choir. People show up late, or they forget (how could they forget??) the routine rehearsals.

Experience-wise, I know these are momentary loss of inspiration. I just hope singers would bounce back soonest. With or without an upcoming event, we should be proactive enough to “make time” for practices.

Time will always elude us, especially in busy days at work but I quote one Pastor I know, “If you want things done, look for (and delegate to) a busy person.”

I thought that was very meaningful. A busy person is an expert on prioritizing/scheduling/planning etc so therefore he will surely find time to squeeze in one more thing. I also guess he says if you entrust a project to a person who is used to doing nothing you might end up frustrated finding him sitting on the task.

But a busy person, once you get his nod, will most likely be able to deliver. Lesson: We are a busy generation. Never fret that you are too busy; because everyone is indeed busy.

If we desire to help out a certain project, or join a group (of singers, for instance), any group, be fair to everyone. If you must miss some sessions, okay, miss some. But remember, people are counting on you and you need to eventually show up. Don’t wait for an opportune time, Make Time! 🙂