Well, what do you know? The first quarter has come and gone so fast, I might as well be dreaming πŸ™‚ And summer’s here. Without a doubt, this will be my summer of summers. Haha. What with the gimmicks and road trips lined up for us at EBC, our home church.

Summer seemed to have officially begun for me when we embarked on a road trip to Real Quezon via our motorbikes. And as if to make it really big, a bunch of church folks and friends decided to join us. So there we go, all nine motorbikes (with yet another one who traveled alone a few hours later) and two vehicles all Β warming up on the church yard on a Maundy Thursday morning.Β  Kuya Nelson Badar prayed for the safety of everyone and we’re off to Real Quezon! On the way, we were joined by Pastor Roi and his family in their car, and another van in yet another point with about ten more people on board.

This is the first time for me to embark on a long land travel atop my newly-acquired Honda X1R, a pre-loved bike by a good friend who gave it to me at a fair price. I was so exhilarated when we finally reached the “chicken guts” road on the mountainous Antipolo, Rizal and Laguna provinces. Although this is officially my third road trip in these parts, this one is special because I am riding a powerful bike.

There were two instances that we get to really hit it fast; for there are two lengths of perfectly straight roads en route the Laguna province. I love the feel of smooth speed this bike gives. Ah I can do this again and again.

But this trip was not without any glitch. One of our biker friend who joined us for the first time figured in an accident. He escaped with a minor bruise on the arm and some spasm on the lower midsection. Good thing that he was “fully armored” with safety jacket and other paraphernalia. His bike fork was disfigured as it slid halfway under the hood of the oncoming van he collided with. He let go of the bike so it left him behind and he escaped further danger. There was a lengthy talk with the van owner; and as soon as things were settled, we decided to continue our tour.

We were accompanied by several vehicles: two cars and an three vans. The damaged bike had to be lifted and loaded to the FB van after it sustained major wreck. But all’s well that ends well. Our friend Archie was safe and sound after the incident.

Yes, we pursued the trip. We arrived on the beach in about one hour or two. It was a very exciting day I tell you and the waves seemed to have agreed with us. We were entertained to the max by the powerful waves that made everyone’s day. Yes, even Archie’s day, he was screaming at the top of his lungs playfully challenging the waves. I guess it was his way of letting off steam. πŸ™‚

By midday we were all blushing from the sun exposure. We had a delayed but oh-so-worth-it lunch. Oops, I think we forgot to capture them on cam before gobbling them up, sorry πŸ˜€ We had Prawns Sinigang, and broiled large yellow fin tunas among others. It was really worth the wait.

The amenities were not five-star but the beach compensated for want of first class accommodations. By about three PM, we were back on the road. The afternoon sun faded fast on our way back and we reached our home church at about seven in the evening; sunburned and exhausted but so delighted.

Many of us would proceed to the yearly Tracts Distribution scheduled that night. Hundreds of thousands of Alay-Lakad pilgrims would be traversing our main highway and our Youth Group A.N.T.S. always manages to gather and give away tracts to people all night long, year after year. But I needed to go ahead. If only not only for these, we could have stayed and chattered about our day.

Every good thing does come to an end. But it doesn’t mean there are no more coming. :))

So, see you on the next road trip! I thank God for this wonderful day!

Btw, our group are booked for a Palawan trip come the 21st of April, and I will be on a ten-day stay there πŸ˜‰ Brag about it later. πŸ™‚