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First Stop: Tamlangon Island

My long awaited Palawan getaway to my great dismay, was deferred a few days more because Mitsubishi Motors launched the All New Fuso Canter two days later than my scheduled flight. I tried to practice them to sing without me but I realized I had to give in to their whines for me to stay. The song was too difficult for them to sing on their own. So there I was, raring to go but felt like being grabbed on my tracks and told to STOP! 😦

Anyways, Ma’am Lulu and Ms. Dada of MMPC Chorale rebooked my flight and shouldered the rebooking charges so I did not shell out additional expenses. The All-New Fuso Canter Launching, 23April was a success and our choral numbers were very much appreciated and applauded so the flight delay was well worth it. And the Canter Song was a big big hit, we even had photo ops and some small talk/greetings with the “mighty” men of Mitsubishi.  Admittedly, I had no idea as to what their names were, but they definitely belong to the top brass of Mitsubishi International.

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happy Boj at Puerto Princesa Airport

April 24th, I was with my relatives cheerfully travelling the road to NAIA 4. Part of our group has been in Palawan since the 21st, my original date of departure, and were waiting for us to join them. We, eight adults and one tiny boy, Boj were brought to the airport by my other brother, Manolo and his brother in law, Elmer; on two SUV’s.

Minor Prob at Puerto Princesa

Everything went like a breeze; the checking in of our baggages, the plane, the take off, though the flight seemed long; maybe due to the excitement of getting there asap. BTW, Kris de Jesus managed to get a seat and joined us as we queue for our flight. At the Puerto Princesa Airport, there was a problem with the van that was supposed to pick us up, so we had to get another service. After a long land travel, we finally reached our destination, the town of Quezon. My Ate and her family has a reservation at Villa Esperanza, so we disembarked at that resort. We texted Brenda, my sister who lives a few blocks away, with her family. Pastor Jezer, her husband is the Senior Pastor at Faith Baptist Church.

View @ Villa Esperanza

It was a very hot day and I felt like running to the sea, but first things first. Ruthie, my sweetest niece will be coming in a few minutes with her brother Marc and Mama Brenda.

@Villa Esperanza

So the three of them came and as expected the kids were a bit shy and unresponsive. The kids were so endearing that I forgot all the travel wear and tear. Later, we joined the first 3 who planed in three days earlier, Bong, Lance and Rorie. They were staying at the church parsonage. We have a friend (Aerol) who has been there for several weeks already. So we had a little reunion of sorts; our party, Brenda and her family, Aerol, and the early three, Bong, Lance and Rorie. We had a hearty but late lunch and a happy happy day! That evening, there was a final rehearsal for the concert next day so the church was bustling with activities and people. Lance, Aerol, Kuya Juni, and Bong, Feric and Bethel Faye sang in the chorus.

Did I mention that after the choir practice, Lance and Aerol, true blue cousins, sort of missed each other’s company. Aerol accompanied Lance on the keyboard as the latter sang all night long. 🙂

Double Island Experience

Our activities, besides the endless bonding with the kids, were the 2-day island hopping-at Tamlangon, Double Island, Tabon Caves and Sand Bar. Each island beams of its own uniqueness and charm.

Island Hopping Day

Sadly,  Kuya Juni, who went to Palawan on his own, after visiting his properties, had to return to Manila a few days ahead of all of us. He wasn’t able to join us in our island “gimmicks.”

Over and above the excitement, my brother-in-law, Dr. Fernando Galvez did a medical mission there for the second time. We were also there last year for the same reason. But the meds baggage did not make it on time though, so the church had to buy medicines from a local medical supplier. One other reason we were there was to help out in the choir concert my sister Brenda* and her church painstakingly prepared to raise some funds for the medical mission. It was the “Experiencing God” concert. And our group gave *a special song number (Tanging Ikaw)* at this church’s morning worship. But of course, the most special reason we came is to visit our youngest relatives we’ve been missing all these months.

Our Palawan days were hot and humid with frequent brownouts and scarce tap water. But we will always find ourselves in that island, brownouts, want of potable water, heat and all;


hopefully more frequent than once a year. For it is where we get to kiss our little relatives we love so dearly and yet we scarcely see.


Tricia, Brenda’s youngest is the new sensation, she has a ready smile for everyone at all times. The little kids had the time of their lives, Ruthie, Marc, Tricia and Boj.

And this was one of my happiest summers ever. Maybe distance really makes the heart grow fonder. But near or far, my heart longs to embrace my little loved ones.

Ruthie, Boj and Marc

And as a matter of fact, everyone had the time of their lives…

An Afternoon Feast

Experiencing God Concert


Beaming Pastor Jezer

Island Hopping 1

wow Island

Daing: Dried Fish

Air Gun; toy gun

Pastor Davis

On our way home (sadly, all good things come to an end, and I had to leave Bebe Ruthie while she sleeps, and that was hard), we managed to pass by the Baker’s Hill (where I bought my bracelet pasalubong for my MMPC, the Mitra Mansion, the Butterfly Sanctuary, and stayed at Chow King for more than three hours, :))

Surprisingly, the return flight seemed too brief. I thought maybe because I was longing to stay. But I knew Inay needs me too. Thanks to Gelong and Joy who took care of her in my absence. Kuya Manolo fetched us at the airport. We had a late Jollibee takeout dinner and were too weary to be sad for leaving Ruthie, Marc & Tricia behind.

Slumbering Ruthie

Brenda related Ruthie had a sad and misty morning seeing I had gone. I slept beside her all week long, and we bonded like father and daughter those seven days, so one can just imagine how she felt when she woke up and found me gone. Honestly, we traveled en route to Puerto Princesa in silence. And heartbreak. Brenda decided to inflate the portable pool I brought for them so to brighten up the day again.

Don’t be sad; I’ll see you again soon, Ruthie*.

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Thanks for the images and videos**, Pastor Jezer, Rorie**, Lance, Kris, Beng, Beuls, and Pastor Davis.