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Just this dawn, I scanned some places in the Google Maps Site. Some places are noteworthy, and some arouse my curiosity. Some spots give a considerable view of the cities and towns. But in other areas, especially in the provinces, there were hardly any structure in view.

But one place causes me melancholia. Everytime I looked at that spot, I feel sad. All I can see were vegetation and one solitary indication that a long stretch of a road exists in that far far away land.  And there resides my little relatives I long to embrace and lift up in my arms.

But all I see are specks of clouds above the tiny green trees and barren spots. It looks so lonely I feel pain in me.  There was not any indication of a single roof on that quaint spot. As if there was not a town on that massive landscape; a town where part of my family are thriving and spending many days of their lives away from me.

I can be so melodramatic about it.

Ah, Google Maps make me sad.