I long prided myself of not contracting the dreaded conjunctivitis. Really, I don’t remember a time that I was down with this (yucky to many) disease. My Friday was just like any other day. I went though my day without any incident. By nightfall, I rode my motorbike and went out for my group’s rehearsal at Cresdaville, at my sister’s house. As we began the singing, I noticed a painful itch in my right eye. By instinct, I approached a wall mirror and the manifestations of a viral infection blew me away. So I thought finally,  it got me. It’s sore eyes season you know. I was not a bit concerned but there I was, embarrassed and anxious to go home. I am thankful though that nobody in the group got (infected by me) in the loop.

It’s been a Code Blue all week long, you know because Inay (mother) keeps me awake most nights. She’s been so clueless about practically everything. And she is wide awake all nights. She sleeps mostly all day long and by midnight awakes like a nocturnal creature, awooooo 🙂 To cut the story short, I have been held captive by this elderly woman for days due to her misadventures around the house, most specially at nights.

So there, the situation leveled up to Code Red. I had to nurse my eyes to health and to continue in my caregiving chores to the old lady. Worse, I had to give up the rehearsals for the church choir last night and a wedding group too. Tomorrow, I will be notifying my Mitsubishi Choir I cannot come to our preps for Tuesday’s Flag Ceremony.

Stranded. But I know that the Lord has something to do with all these things. I am yet to know His message but all will surely end well.

On my third day…by now, both bloody orbs burning. Deep sigh.

But God is good, all the time. 🙂