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Alex: Why can’t I ever make it? Why? Why? Why?

Ben: Relax, you can do it!

Alex: No. I cannot! I’m never gonna make it; I hate this. It sucks big time!

Ben: Why, what’s the problem?

Alex: I don’t know; I really don’t know! I’m giving up!

Ben: Wait! Did u do your best?

Alex: Of course I did my best, hello! I completed everything; attended all sessions too.

Ben: Do you think you have exhausted all means to really learn?

Alex: Naman! <Of course *silly!>

Ben: Sorry, just wanna know. But wasn’t there any Study Help at all? Wasn’t there any thing/item to download for your study aid?

Alex: No!

….well, there was… but… I…

Ben: But…..what?

Alex: Well, I don’t need it, I guess. It’s a waste of my time. Only losers need them.

Ben: I get it.

Alex: Got what?

Ben: Know what? The problem is you and your attitude.

Alex: What on earth are you saying?!

Sadly, we oftentimes lack the modesty and true perseverance to learn. We want something but we nix the extra work. We want things to fall on our laps. There were provision for learning but we’d rather be ‘smart’ and do the shortcuts. We’re ‘too cool’ to undergo what ‘newbies’ go through. And true enough, we always yield mediocre results.

And sometimes, we are just plain lazy. We want glory but we shun routine work. We want to be prodigies but hate scale work. We love acclaim but doze off at training. We’d rather go straight ahead to stardom; only to find out in the end (repeatedly at that) that we do not have what it takes and all we’ve got is hype. Nothing, but leaves.

True learners are passionate. And pride themselves only in their willingness to go down to the very basics just to learn; not thinking they are smarter than others nor entertaining any idea that they are ‘too good’ for those. They are not afraid to ask for help nor to look like neophytes. And they give extraordinary attention to instruction. They don’t carry ‘intellectual trophies’ nor do they wear “Been-There-Done-That” sashes, don’t enjoy bashing new recruits on the side, but are always ready to admit that they need to learn. Because to learn is more important than their prestigious medals and thrones whether real or imagined.