Crystal Pendant

Well, I definitely would invent a device that discerns the sincerity of the words of everyone who speaks. Thus, there will be no more trouble of deciphering which is true and which is not; which is a half lie and which is half truth. That way, people will be forced to be truthful each time they utter their words.

I would design it as a crystal pendant that sparkles at every sincerest intentions and words it hears. Conversely, the crystal would turn bloody red whenever somebody within hearing distance speaks lies.

When a person speaks half lies, the crystal would turn lime green, indicating that the words are nice to hear but is sour to the “taste.”

A person speaks half truths and this crystal turns blue, indicating that the person’s words could be a lot better, if only he would not mince words.

So, a person who speaks truth would upon gazing at the crystal might exclaim, “Wow, what a beautiful piece of treasure!” And it would be so good to say that the vision is caused by his pure heart.

A person who speaks half truths upon noticing the changes in it would need your tactful explanation of what was being signified.

And the poisonous lie of a person would reward him with a frightening vision of his own heart.

And by the way, the visions would also apply to the wearer’s words.

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