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What a great gift was the end of January for our family. My brother came home from Kuwait after organizing a clan get-together; and my younger sister and family flew over from Palawan coinciding with the then upcoming Endaya-Lat Reunion. Even my elder sister’s family got themselves together as Beuls and her family came over from Kalinga.

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What a blessing, I thought in retrospect. Brenda, from Palawan just chanced upon a promo PAL-MLA flight. Without wasting any time, they booked themselves and came over. I asked somebody to do some refurbishing in our home in time for the arrival of “my guests.” So glad the Lord put every tiny little thing in its proper place.

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Came weekend, we all traveled to Laguna for the clan reunion. There we were warmly welcomed by our Batangas relatives we haven’t seen for several decades. We realized that there was a multitude of people of all ages and sizes 🙂 added to the LAT Clan; little kids, young people, young adults and their young families. But of course the familiar faces were the ones we missed the most.

There was a renewed sense of belonging. I am so glad that we made it to this get-together. One I almost missed, for it coincided with my church’s 33rd anniversary. I even declared to my choir beforehand that I plan not to attend it in spite of the fact that it was the very first attempt to have a formal clan reunion. But I gave in to my siblings’ coercion to reconsider. So, in spite of everything, I threw some caution to the wind, packed my bag and went with them. As I texted some church brethren to let them in on my change of plans and due to my concern that I may not be able to make it back in time for the many rehearsals and preps in line with the church’s big event, our choir President texted me and sort of gave me great relief by saying she even prayed that I be able to join my family’s event. It sure gave me peace of mind, thank you very much, Ate Irene! 🙂

By God’s grace we were  able to return to Manila (Taytay, i.e.) in time for me to fulfill my church duties. Besides being the church choir director, I was also given a team choir to lead (and compete with two others, Team Red and Team Green); so I had to make sure my Salmo Chorale sing at least three awesome choral numbers for the duration of the Anniversary Sunday, and enable my neophyte Team Blue Choir to sing well; and on the side, prepare to lead the congregational singing.

All’s well that ends well. I was able to enjoy the company of my family and not miss much of the church preps for EBC’s grand day. What a week indeed. There were two more days spent bonding with my little Palawan relatives Ruthie, Marc and Tricia; and Boj too of course, from Tabuk Kalinga.

And then, they flew back to the island, the Palawan “group.” I was concerned for Ruthie who vomited several times on the eve of their flight. She was so dazed the next morning after having been administered with antihistamine I was not able to say good bye 😦  After a few hours I called Pastor Jezer (Ruthie’s dad and my brod-in-law) and was told they just landed safely at Puerto Princesa Airport. I learned an hour later that it was Marc’s turn to be air-sick or something for he also vomited at the airport. But by God’s grace, they managed to travel safely back home.

Boj on the other hand stayed for yet several days so I was able to see him. What do you know, he even noticed and played with me. A few days back he was so busy playing with his cousins he was so  unmindful of anybody else. This little boy’s been learning to mingle with other kids; being an only child he is used to playing on his own. Hopefully he too will be back again some time to his favorite place, Taytay. 🙂

Distance really has a way of making the heart grow fonder. So until next time, my beautiful Palawan relatives and Boj, bye for now. To my relatives in Batangas, thank you for the warmth and fellowship; we’ll see each other again; hopefully just as we planned to, on 2013. Looking forward to it. 🙂

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