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What is a true music student? Find out if you are with this short short list.  You will find out if your study style and habit sync with these three attributes. A true music student…

Lives a Music Student Lifestyle

A very promising and effective choir member lives this kind of life. You regularly find them flipping through some music sheets and stares at them like they’re reading their favorite magazines. Regular practice sessions do not satisfy them. They keep on finding time to open their music materials and listen to their music either on their earphones or their home sound system. You may also see them bring their albums to work or school.  That is dedication, no doubt about it.

My younger sister, Brenda, who, when she was still single, was a school teacher (eventually became the school registrar when she got married), was also a member of a respected Christian choral group “His Sounds” As I see her go to work, I see her bring her choir pieces with her. She was one of those whom Kuya Romy, their choir master, can really count on. She is a self-starter; she has initiative. And she is also one of the reasons why her choir shines wherever it went–here and abroad. Their choir “headquarter,” the home of their choir director, became her third home actually; our house being the first, the school dorm where she lived and worked being the second, and Kuya Romy Pesaña’s home, her third, where they congregate several times a week to master their repertoires. She is every choir director’s dream choir member I should say; and she being my sister has nothing to do with that remark 🙂

Falls in Love With Music

They develop genuine attachment with Music itself. Occasionally, I see someone’s FB stat say, “Music is my life,” or “Listening to Mozart (or Lea Salonga, the Madz, a.k.a. the Philippine Madrigal Singers or any other hear-worthy artists)” or “I miss my choir”… or the title of their latest music study or lines from them, e.g. “…♫And this is love, Not that I have first loved You. And this is love, That You have first loved me♫…”

Not very seldom do you see them openly exclaim their  fondness for their art. So the Bible says, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” They are ardent disciples of it.

I have a handful of Facebook friends who are just like that; Mabel, a young woman in Malaysia, is one true example of someone who  can’t help but express her great love for her music. It’s not uncommon I see her say, “I miss singing with this choir…. :-(”  or “Combined choir sessions are always awesome” or something funny like “It would be hilarious to put a song which consist of high pitched choral music at this hour!”  Seriously, for me, she is one of those who really appreciate the gift of music. Her kind not only totally fall in love with it, but would undoubtedly suffer much in its absence. Good thing, music will never really go; because it stays within the person.

Preoccupation With the Craft

Lance, one of my chorale singers, is a registered Architect. Online 24/7, or it seems like it, as he worked through the day, I picture him doing CAD drafting, designing structures and interiors, updating his Facebook to shake off work-related stress build up, staying in touch with his friends online, and sharing his food trips. Well, many of us are like him –or, if you felt a sudden urge to violently disagree with that ha hah– it is not uncommon to update one’s stats several times  a day. Ok, but what’s noteworthy on his online babble, is you frequently read him appreciate music, share his thoughts on music videos, share lines taken from his latest music pieces, share his music adventures with his music colleagues and the rest of us.

He may be busy where he gets his bread and butter, but there is this thread in him he chooses not to shake off, not even for a day. And that is genuine passion for his craft. He does not switch his music ON & OFF, he lives his day with it. It is his refuge, his drinking fountain, his life.

If a choral singer is to be a true musician, he should be a music student for life. A student that is forever hungry for more; ever learning, ever passionate. Brenda, Mabel and Lance aren’t the only ones like that. Thank God there are others. Question is, are you one of them? Well if you are, your group or choir and your choir master are just so blessed to have you. Keep the fire burning. 🙂


If a choral singer is to be an asset to their group, they should exhibit the attributes of a true music student. Providentially, and speaking from experience, I am blessed to have a handful of singers possessing these traits. It’s only a matter of personal choice whether others would emulate them. I surely hope to see it realized one day soon.