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“Inay, you hardly ate anything today. And you barely opened your eyes. I hugged you throughout the day, but you don’t respond anymore. I remember a few days ago, when I hugged you, you said, ‘Thank you.’ (No, Inay, I am not the nurse, you don’t need to thank me.) Now you don’t seem to feel my hands when I caress your frail body. I would want to see you smile.” 

I wrote that paragraph a few days ago; with great sadness at my mother’s lack of response to stimuli. But yesterday and today, not only did she manage a few smiles, she also ate well and even spoke audibly. She had two visitors today, Ate Thelma and Ate Ruth. They brought her food and cheers. They prayed together and by the end of the prayer, she said, “Amen.” Later, she ate the ‘hototay’ and stir-fried fish fillet with gusto. Thank you po, ladies. You are a blessing.

I also think the fruits & veggies smoothies are working wonders on her health. I’m trying to feed her with at least one serving of them daily. Thank God for the small miracles.