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While me and my group were in a week-long Palawan getaway , Brenda, my sister (and Ruthie’s mom) grabbed the opportunity to have me accompany Ruthie on the piano. The piano was untuned and a bit out of shape but still playable. Saturday night, while I was practicing the worship songs with Sir Claud for the next day (guest pianist me), Brenda asked Ruthie if she would like to sing in the worship service. Surprisingly, she readily agreed. She has become a “big girl” indeed.

So after the songleading rehearsal, I practiced Ruthie. While we were at it, she was joined by her baby sister, Tricia, who easily carried the song as well. So there they were, learning the flow and modulations I prescribed for them. Then a funny thing happened. At the end of the song, Tricia accidentally hit the final note two steps higher; and sounded as if she did it on purpose, singing second voice. We were delighted; but I wondered if she could repeat it the next day; let alone really sing with her big sister.

Sunday morning, I had to rush a power point presentation for a song as there was none for the one new hymn to be introduced by the song leader. I hurried to the sanctuary afterwards because the service was about to start. That was a special Sunday. I will be accompanying the Quezon folks; and Ruthie too. Right after the congregational singing, Ruthie finally sang Be Glorified.

I’m not so sure if you can access this video from a friend’s FB account but here it is anyway. I said finally because she has been singing this song since she was about two years old. And it is just now that she sang it in church service, I think. Click the image to watch the ‘Baby Ruthie’ video 🙂

Be Glorified – Baby Ruthie

I love you, Ruthie 🙂 I promise, I will be teaching you more songs to sing. Well, Tricia did not join her sister that morning, overwhelmed by the crowd. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure she would grow as good a singer as her Ate Ruthie.

Ellaine, one of our companions also rendered a heartwarming song as well: No Greater Love, right before the sermon by Pastor Jezer. That was a very special Sunday indeed.

And as I have mentioned in the previous post, after lunch, we went to Marirong, a distant island via the open sea, for a missions trip.