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I received a wonderful birthday gift from (and many thanks to) my long-time friends Ramil & Che. They gave me something I really need in my line of work. The sleek black iPod Nano made my eyes go wide upon ripping the plain-looking gift box handed to me by CeeCee, their youngest. I learned later that it is the 7th generation iPod Nano. Cool! Whatever it means is beyond the low-tech me. Upon the advise of my more techy friends, I set up my iTunes account and synched my gadget. Voila, a blissful listening journey on a 16-gig of space.

This pretty thing got its baptism of fire of sorts last month as my Salmo Chorale presented a concert coinciding with our church’s jade (35th) anniversary. Dubbed “Ride the Chariot,” we sang more than a dozen A Cappella songs from different albums. The Nano however, was used only once, as we only got one song with mp3 accompaniment, given that the event is actually an A Cappella concert, hello. 🙂 Just to break the series of unaccompanied line up, I inserted Jerusalem; which is backed up by a wonderful mp3  minus one. I was very impressed by the powerful and awesome sound of so thin and tiny a gadget. I have used it with my choir’s worship special numbers and some other singing engagements outside the church. I also discovered that it has built-in bluetooth so it can be used wireless with amplies with bluetooth. Wonderful, I should say. It looks handsome too. Mine is black but I think silver is as cool.

Recently though, I encountered some problems, not with the Nano itself, but with iTunes. I have converted several of my laptop videos and uploaded them in my Nano. After a few days, iTunes suddenly ran into unknown trouble and “stopped working.” When it did, I realized after my last 3 synching that some movies uploaded earlier were missing.  Too bad, I put some mini-series in my Nano. What is left on my Movie Playlist are 5 items, Parts 5-9 of a 9-part series. All my previous uploads are gone.

But I’m pretty sure though that the problem is with iTunes rather than with the Nano. In fact I’ve enjoyed at least 3 full-length movies in my tiny gadget very recently. I tried viewing the movies via my iTunes (on my laptop) and the poor App hangs each time. It really is the iTunes, not the Nano. that is the problem. However, I was relieved to see that my music collections are left untouched and intact.

The earpieces and the USB laptop charger look and feel durable too. Unlike other earphones I’ve used, it looks more sleek and stronger; looks like it is capable of enduring more than its share of spills and pulls.

The iPod Nano 7th generation also has apps for health (running, walking), photos, and podcasts, although I enjoy looking at pics on my PC rather than on this gadget for obvious reasons. Besides I have poor eyesight;  maybe that’s why.

It’s not too sleek for images but it is surprisingly entertaining to watch movies with. Of course, I highly appreciate the high quality mp3 playback. All in all, I give the Nano 3.5 stars with 5 stars being the highest.