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Don’t Look Back (movie)

Just the other day, as I was finalizing chores for my bedridden mother, stretching her bed sheets, it happened. Déjà vu! I was a hundred per cent sure my elder sister will be opening the door, at the same time admonishing Pepe (my Labrador), stationed by the door, to behave as she passes by him. And she will be carrying a bag of groceries for my mother. In a moment, I even believed that certain happenings repeat itself. But after about five minutes, and not seeing any gleeful reaction from Pepe, who usually stands on his hind feet when my siblings come to visit, I realize, Déjà vu played its trick on me again. There are many instances through my entire life that déjà vu gets me. It’s fascinating, thought-provoking, and sometimes, disappointing.

How does this phenomenon happen? Well, I’m sure one can easily google this one. But I already have a hunch that’s it’s all in the mind, or more precisely, the brain. It’s just so convincing, sometimes I even bet–without shelling out any money, of course–that certain things would happen; or should I say, recur.

I thought it’s somewhat similar to dreaming, where upon waking up, one slowly realizes it’s but what it is, a dream.