Today I was again reminded that I am blessed. The great Guy up there is actually watching over me. Yesterday, after depositing almost all my cash to my ATM account, I got me into some problem; the same card was eventually blocked 15 minutes later after I failed to punch in my password correctly. I was dumbfounded realizing I cannot withdraw any amount any time soon. But the Lord is not napping on me; not yesterday; nor at any time.

It was the first time for me to visit the bank after moving here in Palawan. After asking around, I found the bank and in a matter of minutes I was done; glad to have found out there was no need for me to queue in line because they have an automated machine for deposits which afforded me a quick transaction. Back on the road on my motorcycle, I decided to check my balance on an ATM machine at Robinson’s. My, my, the machine informed me I typed in two successive incorrect passwords I decided to cancel the transaction and transferred to another machine. I didn’t recall changing my password so without much thought, I proceeded to punch it in again on the second machine and to my dismay, I was blocked and was advised on-screen to visit my bank to fix the problem. I thought maybe I can still use it–hopefully–on my online account (and to my great relief when I went online later, I was right) to manage my credit card bills. I decided to let it be for the moment. Besides, it was quite a distance to return to the bank; and the sun was playing god. So I had two hundred bills, some smaller ones and some change left in my wallet and coin purse but I would need more so I could get me supplies enough for three days plus fare for my travel to Quezon where I work weekends.


Back home and after a few hours I remembered a dear friend handed me a goodbye gift box last May as I was about to migrate here. Inside it were about 6 or 7 promptly labeled envelopes, and one paper-wrapped gift.


This box was really a box of blessings. One envelope was labeled “Open when…you feel sad;” another has “Open when… you miss Salmo Chorale,” my former choir. Each envelope has things inside. Some has small pictures and quotations cards and Bible verses. One envelope that says: “Open when… you’re sick” has several kinds of first aid medicines; and as usual, some stuff for my encouragement.

But the card that is very crucial in my present predicament is the one labeled “Open when… it’s an emergency!”  🙂 I confess opening it as I unpacked my baggage when I arrived here 4 months ago. It has the usual quotations cards inside and a hundred peso bill. So glad I did not take the money that time. And the appointed day comes! As I lay on my bed earlier today pondering my fate, I remembered this box of blessings, thank God for thoughtful friends, especially this one–a great find.

Yup, there still are other very special envelopes in this box. I remember that the envelope I opened at once was the one with the inscription: “Open when…you miss Atan!” (short for Nathan Boi, ‘datsmaboi’) because I sorely miss him since I waved goodbye at him as my cab drove away, seeing him unsmiling and not waving back at me. What a sad ride it was. Finding in there several pictures of him, I took 4 of them and pasted them on my planner. I also found a prepaid call card which I used immediately. Boy, how I miss him to this day I weep quietly in my bed some nights.


Ok, this is supposed to be a cheerful post. Not that I have moved on with my separation with “datsmaboi” but, there is one loosely-wrapped gift in the box with the label: “Open when…it’s your birthday!” It clinks! To be unwrapped this Christmas eve. I am truly blessed! You guessed it right; seen it 🙂


Thank God for very good friends. He uses them to remind us how blessed and cared for we are. Praise God! 🙂